About AwardWallet

AwardWallet 免費幫助您管理獎勵計劃餘額和旅遊行程路線。我們支援696個個忠誠計劃,包括航班、酒店、租車、信用卡等。成立於 2004 年的 AwardWallet ,在很短的時間內,便成為出差與旅遊人士最喜愛的旅行管理工具。如今,超過629,000 名有效會員放心地將超過157.4 十億英哩/積分交給 AwardWallet 管理, 換算價值大約 $3.148 十億 。 AwardWallet 不隸屬於本網站上所列或所追蹤或監視的航空公司、酒店或信用卡忠誠計劃,亦不與上述任何忠誠計劃有關聯。

除了為個人旅客提供服務外,許多企業也使用 AwardWallet 來管理公司的獎勵餘額,而例如 Points.com 等合作夥伴,則透過 API 接口和白色標籤服務,在他們的網站上使用 AwardWallet 進行獎勵管理。

為什麼使用 AwardWallet?

  • 根據估計,目前流通中卻尚未使用的飛行常客哩數共有 10 兆哩,總價值超過 1650 億美元。
  • 超過 20% 的飛行常客哩數從來未被兌付。
  • 避免在非預期狀況下獎勵哩程與積分過期或者帳戶被關閉。
  • 精確掌控您的資產。

Our Leadership Team

亞歷克西· 韋列斯查嘉, 創辦人與首席執行官

共同創辦人亞歷克西於 2004 年推出 AwardWallet ,並主導其網站開發業務。從草創階段,亞歷克西就對 AwardWallet 的產品具有遠見卓識。他致力對 AwardWallet 持續改進,滿足其%會員%+全球會員需求,以便掌握瞬息萬變的獎勵計劃生態,這些努力促成並鞏固了 AwardWallet 在獎勵管理方面的領先地位。

在創辦 AwardWallet 之前,亞歷克斯曾任職全球企業的 IT 服務組織,包括 Aelita Software、Quest Software 與 Dell。超過 16 年間負責的業務跨越網站開發與支援、技術帳戶管理與系統顧問。在這段期間亞歷克西與包括 PepsiCo, Inc、 Morgan Stanley、ExxonMobil、Fidelity Investments、United Technology 與 Publix 等客戶合作。

亞歷克西就讀猶他州立大學並參與美國大學聯盟男子網球甲級聯賽(NCAA Division I)。他以優等的成績畢業自富蘭克林大學資訊系統管理學系。隨後又取得德銳大學資訊系統管理碩士學位。亞歷克西和妻子育有四名子女;他的嗜好包括打網球、風箏衝浪、滑雪和彈吉他。

Erik Paquet, 主編

Erik joined the AwardWallet team in 2018. He attended the University of Michigan where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. During school, he discovered points and miles as a way to fund frequent international trips and a semester abroad in Santiago Chile.

Following school, he began traveling full time and co-founded Abroaders.com, a startup that helps travelers earn and redeem rewards points for maximum value.

Erik first connected with AwardWallet while looking for a tool to manage complex award bookings for clients. With the help of the AwardWallet booking platform, he and his team have redeemed over 49 million points for 2.2 million in airfare savings.

Erik lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Gabriela. When not obsessing about points and miles, his hobbies include cooking, photography, learning languages, exploring national parks, watching Michigan athletics (Go Blue!) and of course, travel.

Jeffrey Brownson, AwardWallet Social Community Manager

Jeffrey Brownson is the manager for AwardWallet’s social communities, including the ever growing Facebook groups, Award Travel 101™, Travel Grumps 101, and Award Travel Singles Mingle. He also hosts the weekly Award Travel 101 Podcast.

Jeff found his way to miles and points while researching a trip more than a decade ago, and has been hooked ever since. Over the years, he has taken his family all over the world, with his kids having already traveled to 6 continents and over 25 countries.

From speaking at major conferences such as the Chicago Seminars and Frequent Traveler University to writing for several prominent travel sites, Jeff has proven himself to be one of the world’s foremost experts in the travel and loyalty program space.

Jeff has visited over 50 countries and is always sure to try the local beers wherever he goes. When at home, he spends most of his spare time searching for open award seats and planning his next few vacations.