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AwardWallet is a service that can help you track any type of loyalty account and manage your travel plans. As of today, AwardWallet has around 667.000 miembros activos that manage over 183,7 mil millones de millas/puntos representing around $3,674 mil millones in value. It works by automatically logging into a user's online loyalty accounts on their behalf. This allows AwardWallet to retrieve the number of miles or points and when they expire. For some loyalty providers, AwardWallet has direct API integrations.



183,7 Billion

miles and points

$3,674 mil millones

in value

Quick History


AwardWallet was founded by Alexi Vereschaga (on the right) and Todd Mera (on the left) who were co-workers at the time. The first version of the website went live on November 20, 2004, after almost a year of development.


An in-app purchase “AwardWallet Plus” feature was introduced for the first time to offer a premium service level.


AwardWallet had roughly 20,000 members at the beginning of 2010. On September 23, 2010, AwardWallet received a Cease and Desist letter from Southwest Airlines demanding that AwardWallet stop accessing the Southwest website in order to help Southwest users track their miles via AwardWallet.


AwardWallet had over 100,000 members, managing over 800,000 loyalty accounts at the beginning of 2012. On August 23, 2012, AwardWallet received a Cease and Desist letter from Delta Air Lines (which was widely publicized on media websites such as TechCrunch, Skift and others) demanding that AwardWallet stop helping Delta Air Lines users track their miles. On November 30, 2012, AwardWallet received a similar Cease and Desist letter from United Airlines which was covered by The New York Times, also demanding that AwardWallet stop helping United Airlines users track their miles. Finally, in 2012 AwardWallet partnered with BookYourAward to provide users with a personalized booking service to book flights using their airline miles. In 2012 AwardWallet team moved into its first office.

The AwardWallet team in the summer of 2014

AwardWallet partnered with American Airlines to provide AwardWallet users with the ability to track their American Airlines miles using our API.


AwardWallet partnered with Capital One to provide AwardWallet users with API based access to track CapitalOne miles and presented our integration together at SXSW in Austin TX.

left to right: Howie Rappaport, Richard Kerr, Rachel Berkey

AwardWallet expanded its social media presence by acquiring Award Travel 101 Facebook Group.


Bank Of America joined our partnerships to provide AwardWallet users access to tracking their Bank Of America miles. Find out more about what we did in 2018 in this infographic that summed up 2018 for AwardWallet.

The AwardWallet Team in the summer of 2018
The AwardWallet Team in the summer of 2019

Quick Facts

AwardWallet has 667.000 users.

AwardWallet supports the tracking of 710 programas de lealtad.

AwardWallet tracks a total of 183,7 mil millones de millas/puntos representing around $3,674 mil millones in value.

AwardWallet has a total of 30 full-time employees and 10 part-time contractors.

AwardWallet APIs for B2B partners

AwardWallet offers almost its entire technology stack via APIs to any company that wishes to provide similar services. There are three main APIs that we offer:

Email Parsing API

This API allows our partners to send us an email with a travel reservation and we will extract all the travel-related data from it and return it in a structured format. More info on this API can be found here.

Web Parsing API (Loyalty)

This API allows our clients to retrieve loyalty information from their users’ loyalty accounts. As an input, it takes user account credentials for a loyalty program and as an output, it returns all of the loyalty attributes of that account, such as account balance, expiration date, elite level, and many other attributes.

AwardWallet Account Access API

This API allows our business partners to request AwardWallet users to share their loyalty information from inside AwardWallet with them. An example of such a business would be a reward booking service. In order to book reward tickets, they need to know what loyalty accounts and how many miles and points their users have. An AwardWallet user could share such info with that business via this secure API and revoke such access at any time.

Award Travel Community


AwardWallet runs a variety of Facebook groups where like-minded people can talk miles and points. The main group is “Award Travel 101” which has 67,000 members and growing. There is also a more advanced paid Facebook group “Award Travel 201” where the most knowledgeable frequent flyers and points and miles experts cover advanced topics. For frustrated travelers, there is a “Travel Grumps 101” group for airing of grievances. And finally, there is an “Award Travel Singles Mingle” group for those who are single looking to meet like-minded people.

Award Booking Service

Award Booking Service

AwardWallet provides a full-fledged award booking service, which is of most benefit when booking international first-class or business-class tickets. Anyone can submit a booking request and one of our booking agents will start looking for the least expensive reward tickets for you. Finding reward availability can be very challenging, letting a professional do this for you will not only save you time, but could also help you avoid paying a lot in airline and fuel charges.

AwardWallet Blog

AwardWallet Blog

The AwardWallet Blog is here to help you earn more points and turn them into incredible travel experiences. In the world of points and miles, knowledge is power. Follow the blog for timely coverage of deals and promotions and expert analysis of how the latest developments impact the value of your hard-earned points.

Staying on top of the loyalty programs you care about can be a full-time job, and we’re happy to do it for you.

Maximize the points you earn

Turn your everyday purchases into a steady flow of points that will save you thousands on your next trip.

Get the royal treatment

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be treated like a VIP. Get on the fast track to elite status and take advantage of perks that make every trip special.

Make each point work harder

With the right redemption strategy, you can travel like a millionaire and pay less than it costs to fly economy.

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Points & Miles Tools

Points & Miles Tools

AwardWallet has developed a number of tools to help points and miles enthusiasts. Here are a few:

Merchant Category Lookup Tool

This tool allows you to type in any merchant name and it will tell you how that merchant is coded and which cards earn the highest number of points with that merchant. You can also read more about it here.

Credit Card Spend Analysis

In order to use this report, you need to first link your Chase, Amex, Citi, or Bank Of America accounts. Once you’ve connected one or more of these accounts to AwardWallet, we will analyze your credit card spend and tell you which credit cards you should use while shopping to get the maximum number of points. You can read more about it here.

Transfer and Purchase Times

If you ever need to know how long a miles or points transfer or a purchase is going to take, this report will tell you just that. This is most useful when you find a reward ticket that requires you to transfer or purchase miles. The report is based on real data that is extracted from our Balance Watch feature.

Mobile Apps

iOS app Android app

AwardWallet has a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices. Like its web counterpart, the mobile app monitors your account activity and allows you to quickly access your loyalty program account information. In addition to tracking loyalty accounts, it also provides itinerary management so that you can have all of your trips and confirmation numbers available on the go. This includes benefits such as free flight alerts for your flights that get delayed or canceled.

AwardWallet in the Media

AwardWallet has been featured and cited in many International media outlets including:

  • U.S. News

    Are You Missing Out on Lucrative Credit Card Rewards: “Check out websites, such as AwardWallet or, that help you keep track of all your rewards programs.”

    Online Tools for Managing Airline Miles: “Kelly says he uses AwardWallet because it syncs with hundreds of rewards programs (even retail stores and credit cards, in addition to travel programs) and because it's one of the oldest programs (founded in 2004, which in Internet years shows some staying power).”

  • CBS News

    Track Frequent Flyer Miles, Avoid Expired Rewards: “AwardWallet is a Web site that manages all manner of travel programs in one place for you. It handles airline, hotel, rental car, dining, and shopping programs -- basically, if there's some sort of reward program, AwardWallet probably can track it for you.”

  • The Washington Post

    Airline miles and points must-dos: “When you have, say, 10 credit cards attached to mileage programs, you need a mileage manager. Kelly uses Award Wallet (, a free service that tracks mileage balances and alerts you if miles are expiring.”

  • Los Angeles Times

    First Person“The main page neatly shows all your accounts, with miles for each.”

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer

    Just how secure are your travel rewards: “She also is a fan of, which helps you track your points and miles and will notify you of withdrawals.”

  • The Wall Street Journal

    Air Rescue: Saving Miles From the Ax: “ is a free service that can track programs at airlines, hotels, car-rental companies”

  • USA Today

    Hackers are trying to steal your vacation. Here's how to stop them: ”Experts say you should change your passwords often and consider using a service like AwardWallet (, which allows you to track all of your loyalty programs.”

  • Vox

    4 frequent flier mile pro tips that anyone can use: “One way to know when your miles are going to expire is to use a program like Awardwallet, which helps you track your miles for free.”

  • Vice

    How to maximize all those loyalty programs: “And skip the Excel spreadsheet — Michael uses an app called AwardWallet to manage all his miles.”

AwardWallet has also been covered on TV:

Our Leadership Team

Alexi Vereschaga,

Fundador y presidente ejecutivo

Alexi es el cofundador y lidera los esfuerzos de desarrollo de AwardWallet, que lanzó en 2004. Desde el principio, Alexi ha sido el creador de los productos de AwardWallet. Se ha centrado en la mejora constante de AwardWallet para satisfacer las necesidades de sus %members%+ miembros globales y para responder al sector de los programas de fidelización, en desarrollo permanente, lo que se refleja en el liderazgo que AwardWallet mantiene respecto a la gestión de los programas de fidelización.

Antes de crear AwardWallet, Alexi trabajó en organizaciones de servicios del sector de tecnología de la información de perfil global entre las que se incluyen Aelita Software, Quest Software, y Dell. En más de 16 años sus responsabilidades se ampliaron desde el desarrollo web al apoyo a la gerencia técnica de cuentas y a asesoría de sistemas. En todo este tiempo Alexi trabajó con clientes como PepsiCo, Inc. Morgan Stanley, ExxonMobil, Fidelity Investments, United Technology y Publix.

Alexi fue a la Universidad del estado de Utah donde jugó en la liga universitaria masculina de tenis (NCAA). Se licenció en Gestión de Sistemas Informáticos con mención Magna Cum Laude en la Franklin University. Alexi hizo un Máster en Gestión de Sistemas Informáticos en la Universidad DeVry. Alexi y su esposa tienen cuatro hijos. En su tiempo libre les gusta practicar tenis, wakeboard y snowboard, y tocar la guitarra.

Erik Paquet,

Editor jefe

Erik se incorporó al equipo de AwardWallet en 2018. Fue a la Universidad de Michigan en la que se licenció en Económicas. Durante la universidad, descubrió que los puntos y las millas eran una buena forma de hacer viajes a nivel internacional gratis, así que que paso un trimetres en Santiago de Chile.

Tras licenciarse, empezó a viajar por todo el mundo y fue cofundador de, una startup que ayuda a los viajeros a ganar y a canjear sus puntos de recompensa y sacarle el máximo valor.

Erik conoció por primera vez AwardWallet cuando buscaba una herramienta para gestionar las reservas más complejas de sus clientes. Con la ayuda de la plataforma de reservas de AwardWallet, él y su equipo han ayudado a canjear 49 millones de puntos, equivalentes a 2.2 millones de ahorro en tasas aéreas.

Erik vive en Austin, Texas con su esposa Gabriela. Cuando no está por ahí obsesionado con los puntos y las millas, sus hobbies son cocinar, la fotografía, aprender idiomas, explorar parques nacionales, ver los equipos de la Universidad de Michigan (Go Blue!) y por supuesto, viajar.